ROCKin' Penguin Counters!

These penguin counters make me smile. I can't wait to use them the week after next when we begin our penguin unit! I have a few ideas for how to use these little guys:

1. Use them as counters to help with penguin addition and subtraction word problems.
2. Use them to "push" the sounds in words with Elkonin Boxes {or Elkonin ice cubes!}
3. Write small numbers on the flat side (or back side) of each penguin. Have the kids draw 2 out of a bag, then write addition sentences with the numbers.
4. Use them for game pieces!

How to make your very own ROCKin' Penguins:

1. Go to Hobby Lobby. {Tip: Go ONLY to the section with the vase fillers. If you go anywhere else, you'll spend ridiculous amounts of money, like me.}
2. Find the vase fillers, or glass gems/marbles. They have a many different and fun colors, but of course, you'll want black ones for your penguins.
3. You will need 3 fine-tip paint markers in white, orange, and black.
4. Draw on the eyes and belly using the white marker. Let them dry.
5. Draw on the beak and feet using the orange marker. You should also be able to add the black dots for the middle of each eye.

Enjoy your adorable baby ROCKin' penguins! {Teacher friends, please fill me in on how you use these guys or plan to use them in your room! I'd love some more ideas!}
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