Meet Richard

This is Richard, our class mascot! I found this little guy at Starbucks my first year of teaching, and my class at the time decided his name should be Richard--kind of funny, but I think it fits him perfectly! Richard is a weekly award my students can earn. I tell them that he watches for new friends who do the right thing, who are responsible and finish work, and he especially loves friends who are kind to others! On Friday, Richard "flies" to a well-behaved student, and he stays on that child's desk all week. I have seen kids read with him, put him close to their papers (I guess he helps out), and he definitely gets lots of hugs. I used his picture on our Starry Eyes cards (see Starry Eyes entry below), and he was even the inspiration for our end of the year class awards! One of my first graders last year told his mom, "Mrs. Cooley talks to this bird named Richard--I think she thinks he's real..." Too funny!!!

One of our end of the year awards:

Here is a poem I wrote to go with him:
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