Pop-Rockin' Describing Words

We had the most rockin' time with descriptive writing thanks to Abby's "Let's Get Pop Rockin'" packet!  If you are a teacher, and don't own this packet, you NEED it!    Oh.  WOW.   It all started when a glorious looking gift bag arrived in Mrs. Cooley's teacher chair.  The tag said that it was a gift for everyone from Mrs. Cooley!  The first task was to use describing words to tell all about the gift bag!  The kids were so anxious to get into that present, but I told them that they had to wait until after lunch! I know, mean ol' me!  After opening up our delicious surprise, we completed a wonderful pop rocks activity each day of the week, and had a blast using our senses to help us describe the yummy candy!  It was so funny to see some of the kids who were trying out the pop rocks for the first time!  I had to explain to a few little friends that it would NOT hurt!  {They were a little nervous, I think!}  

We got super curious while we were eating our Pop Rocks, and decided to do a little science "experiment".  We added Pop Rocks to a little tub of water, and discovered that moisture is what makes them pop.  We wanted to see how long they would keep popping, so we set a timer...they stopped after about 12 minutes!  CRAZY!
 We sat down together and brainstormed describing words for the Pop Rocks.  They did GREAT!

 We practiced creating similes, too!  These were so creative and smart!  And, we ended our descriptive writing mini unit by making a fun-tastic craft!

*Thanks so much for your hard work and amazing unit, Abby!  We loved it!

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