Math Meeting

Math meeting is our time in the day to practice counting, review our weekly graph, do number talks, and dress our weather bear!  {It is different from our calendar time--calendar is now done on the SmartBoard!}   

My helpers of the day pick out the weather bear's clothing.  It was a sunny and HOT day, so my little friends decided he needed to wear his popsicle swim trunks.  The helpers are also responsible for adding a number scoop to our ice cream cone--the scoops are how we will keep track of  how many days we have been in school.   In this picture you can also see our "Count to 20 Club" poster.  This was a quick and easy way to assess counting skills, and the kids felt very special when they joined the "club"!  {Thanks to my amazing teacher friend Kim Adsit for the 'club' assessment idea!  You rock, Kim!}
We have been spending time at the end of our math block each day to explore our math tools, and see the many ways we can use them.  Each day we have created an anchor chart to go along with our math tools.  I wanted to introduce the "fancy" names of our pattern blocks, and have the kids observe the features of each, so this pattern block feature chart was created.

Geoblocks came with our new math program, Investigations.  The kids LOVE the geoblocks!  I have some incredible little architects.  Some have built Disney World, while others have made Wilbur's house {we are reading Charlotte's Web}.  

We read Scaredy Squirrel, and compared our daily schedule to his squirrel schedule.  Wow.  Our day is very busy!  

We have had a blast reading about and creating pictographs.  We just HAD to welcome football season with a team pictograph.  I used the team mascots as our pictures for the graph.  Can I get a Roll Tide?!!!  I promise I did NOT influence the kiddos for this graph.  ;)  

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