Growing Good Readers {and Spellers!}

The poster above is on display by our classroom reading nook. The kids helped me brainstorm all the things they think good readers do! So far, I have been very impressed with my class of readers. They LOVE to read, and they LOVE to listen to stories! Woo hoo! They can't wait to get their book bags to "shop" for new books in the morning, and that makes me a very happy teacher. In talking with my fantastic first grade parents over the years, it seems that some of my first grade friends don't feel as motivated to read or practice sight words and spelling at home! Although I try not to give too much homework, I believe strongly in reading each night, and in making reading a bonding experience that is enjoyable for everyone involved! It is my hope that reading and spelling practice at home will no longer be a chore, but something those energetic first graders can look forward to! Here are some ideas that could make spelling and reading practice a little more exciting...

Make spelling words glow with the glow station!

Find a fun font and have your child type their words.

Put sight words on sticky notes and use a fun pointer. Call out words you want them to find.

Cut up old magazines. Look for sight words, or cut the letters out to spell the words and glue onto a piece of paper.

Fun spelling snack! Yum.

Write words with the Aquadoodle!

Bath time and learning time combined! Write words with bath crayons or bath markers!
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