Sound Boxes

One of my focus skills during guided reading is phonemic awareness, and one of the ways we practice is by using Elkonin Boxes. The kids push counters into boxes for each phoneme they hear. Well, I loved the idea of this activity, but it just didn't sound or look like a whole lot of fun, so I "spiced up" my Elkonin Boxes using colorful paint sample strips! {You know me. It's got to be cute.} I just picked a few bright colors from the paint sample station at Lowe's, glued them to a sheet of paper, and laminated it. I found some cute mini cars the kids can use to "push" or "park" the sounds! The squares on the paint strips kind of look like little parking places for the cars!

Stay tuned this week for...ApPleS! I'll post pictures of some of our apple activities!
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