Best "Beehavior" Catalog

We have 5 rules in our classroom, known as "The Five Bees Promise".  You can see the 5 bees {here}.  I have learned over the years that positive reinforcement is a wonderful way to manage behavior, and makes the classroom environment one that is happy and encouraging!  When my students follow The Five Bees Promise, they have the opportunity to earn "punches" on their "Good Behavior Golden Tickets" a.k.a.  "Punch Cards".  When the ticket is full of punches, that little friend can redeem the ticket for any prize found in the Best "Beehavior" Catalog.  All items found in the catalog are meaningful, fun little prizes that cost me absolutely nothing.  I do not have a treasure box--and believe me, they really don't miss it!  Here are some of the "bee-utiful" prizes:

We have something called recognitions at our school.  They are like tiny certificates that the teacher fills out, the child takes to the front office for a big sticker, and they wear it for the rest of the day.  You would think these things were made of gold!  They love them!  

The prizes have worked out wonderfully!  My most popular choices are "Swip-Swap" and "Friendly Lunch".  Any other great ideas for fun and free prizes to add to my catalog?  

P.S. I would love to share this with my teacher friends, but I don't know the rules about sharing with Lettering Delights materials.  Does anyone know if it is okay? 

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