My Hands Smell Like Rice Krispy Treats...

After spending way too much money at the mall today, I just HAD to pick up these great little "Lunch Box" hand sanitizers at Bath & Body Works!  I am all about keeping those germs away, and I have a feeling my first graders will be more than happy to keep the germs away too--because these miniature hand gels can make their hands smell like delicious treats!  Each day, my two class helpers are responsible for giving everyone in the class a squirt of hand sanitizer right before lining up for lunch and snack!  I've tried scented hand gel before--and I found out that my little friends who would always avoid getting the plain old Germ X would be happy to grab some of the "fancy smelling" kind!  As an added bonus, your room smells good after everyone gets their hand gel!  Today I bought "Marshmallow Treat",  "Juice Box", "PB & J", and "Bag of Grapes"!  
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