Picture Perfect Work

So, this is officially my most favorite hallway work display...ever!  This is our complete gallery of frames, all ready to hang some beautiful first grade work!  I had so many wonderful suggestions for titles for the gallery of frames, but I finally decided on "Picture Perfect Work"!  So, a very big thank you to Lisa T. who "imagined up" that title and shared it with me!  Here are some of the frames below, holding self-portraits the kids made using construction paper and scrapbook paper!  I have probably left these in my hallway a little too long--but I just do not want to take them down yet!  They really make me smile! 

 Each kid is holding an "All About Me" book.
 Look at this precious person, with her little red glasses! 
 This one has pigtails!  Fun!
Lovin' those glasses again!  

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