Edgar the Sick Ghost Helper

One of my wonderful first grade teacher friends came up with a fun idea--she thought of a pretend a character named Edgar the ghost helper, who helps out sick ghosts who say, "Ehhh" {the sound of short vowel e}!  I loved this idea, and decided to come up with a few little things to go along with our ghost helping friend named Edgar.  I wrote the silly poem above--and it was read aloud as an introduction to the station activity pictures below.  Our first "write the room" station choice this year was to go find the sick ghosts saying "Ehhhh" that were hanging around the room, and record the words they found on the ghosts onto their own ghost page.

You have just read the article entitled Edgar the Sick Ghost Helper. Please read the article from Fashion About http://roganayres.blogspot.com/2011/10/edgar-sick-ghost-helper.html


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