Sticky Note Research Projects and Mars Sand...

A few weeks ago, we began our adventures in space!  My first grade astronomers were busy at work writing their very first research papers!  Everyone picked a favorite planet or object in our Solar System,  and used a sticky note research planning page to help them organize their information!  Even though I am usually stressed about starting research papers with my kiddos, I was SO impressed with the quality of their work, and this project made it much easier for them {and me}!  

 Here is an example of one of the planning pages:

{ the picture of the sticky note page below to take a look at my sticky note research project packet!}

We also had a BLAST "visiting" each planet, and recording our new learning in our "Adventures in Space" journals!

For each planet we visited, student artists created a planet to add to our giant Solar System mural!  They did a great job!

We also just HAD to make shooting stars!  I wish I could share the picture of all the kids outside making them fly!  It looked AMAZING!  {To create the shooting stars, each child was given a square of tin foil, 2 curling ribbons, 3 different colors of crepe paper strips, and a piece of yarn.  They taped the paper strips and ribbon to one side of the square of foil, and taped the yarn to the other side (they use the yarn to fly the shooting stars).  Then, they "crumpled" the foil into a ball!  Easy!

We even created Mars Sand and observed the changes!  All you do is cut some steel wool into pieces and place it in a pan full of white sand.  Pour water over the top and watch it for a few days-- the sand turns orange and red!  This was a huge hit!

In honor of having only 18 more school days left until summer, I will be giving away one copy of my Adventures in Space Journal and one copy of my Sticky Note Research Project Packet to the 18th person to comment!!!  

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