Forever Young

The end of the school year is always a bittersweet time.  The sweet is knowing that the students I have taught have grown so much in my care!  I have been there to watch some of them make the connection that all of those letters and sounds work together to form words, and I have even secretly cried with joy when listening (and silently cheering on) that little one read an entire book, look up at me with eyes sparkling, and give me a huge grin.  I know they are going to succeed next year.

As I give them all a final good-bye hug, and listen to them say how much they loved me and will miss me--I know that next year when they see me, it won't be quite the same--and that part is hard.  Some of them might still give a hug in passing, others will give a quick smile, and a few might just avoid my gaze like the plague!  {Ha!}  No matter how much time passes, though, when I see my past students, it will never cease to amaze me at how much they have grown and changed.  Although growing up is inevitable--we, as teachers, especially early childhood teachers, have the unique privilege of seeing children as they were in our care--forever young.  No matter how tall they get, or grown up they look, we will always remember them as that sweet little six year old.

I was watching Glee the other night {don't judge--I don't like it all that much}, and the Glee Club teacher sang his Seniors a song to say good-bye--and OH my gracious…I just couldn't help it…I CRIED.  I had to share the song with y'all.  It is my little good-bye to this year's sweeties, too.  They will always be forever young in my eyes.

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