I've Missed You!!!

I'm BACK!  I can't wait to tell all of you what I have been up to.  It has been the craziest, busiest summer of my whole life, but...Yay!  We built a house!  That's me and the Mr.--very excited because after 4+ months of making endless decisions, worrying, and waiting...we have our little dream house!  AHHHH!  I am so happy I could cry.  Actually, I did cry.  A few times.
I LOVE, love, love my stairs!!!!  And, the blue walls!  Y'all--this house is just SO me.  Once I have it all decorated and precious, I might just have to give a little bloggy tour of it!  ;)

So, what else?  I have been enjoying spending time with this sweet little face:
She is so stinkin' precious and hilarious.  I have loved spending time with her and watching her grow this summer.  But, seriously--if I have to watch Sid the Science Kid or Elmo's World ONE more time...I will probably run down the street screaming.  Just keeping it real, people.  

Also, time out has been in full force {I mean, she's TWO} so the picture below shows just how familiar she was with the corner.  She decided to put ALL of her stuffed buddies in time out one morning.  I wonder what they did?  Who knows, but they all got stickers a few minutes later!  Ha!

Becoming best friends with our pug Teddy isn't hard to do when you feed him Cheerios.  Emma discovered this was the best way to get Teddy to stay in her room and "play".

Teddy LOVES Cheerios!  He's so happy about it, he's smiling!!! :)

We also tried potty training this summer.  Did it go well?  Not so much.  Yep...that's undies...on her  head.  We'll try again soon.

Yesterday, I went to work in my classroom.  This is what I saw when I walked in the door:

No, I did not move schools!  We have to clear everything out at the end of the year so the floors can be cleaned and waxed!  But, oh my goodness...I have SO much to do before my new little friends arrive for Meet the Teacher.  I was slightly overwhelmed when I walked in.  So, I sat there for awhile...looked around, found a few dead spiders that were the size of my face...and I turned right back around to go get massive amounts cleaning supplies!!!  I am planning on changing the theme and colors in my room this year, so I can't wait to share the "after" picture with you soon!  

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