Math Investigators

Math is a mystery...and we're here to solve it!  This year, my new little friends will get to become math investigators during math station time!  The management board above will show them the stations they will go to each day.  After our whole group lesson, the investigators will have time to go to 2 stations.  When it is time for the 1st station, they will check their flashlight for their group name and look at the circle badges for the stations they will go to that day {I am waiting to meet my friends before labeling the flashlights.}  I will have 4 total stations:  Meet with the Chief, Computer Clues, Case Files, and Gumshoe Review.  I am PUMPED about my Gumshoe "Review" tub names--they all go along with the investigator theme!  Here is what the review tubs will look like this year:

And here is a close up of one of the tubs:

I will place 2 or 3 review activities inside each tub.  The investigators will choose from the 9 tubs, and they will be limited to 2 investigators per tub to ensure that each friend is participating in the activity equally, and to keep conflicts from happening.  

I have also found a creative way to store my TpT games, investigations series games, and other printable activities:

I will place a label at the top of each Case File with the title of the math game or activity inside!  Little investigators will choose from the case files for the "Case File" station!

I can't wait to meet my new investigators!!!   

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