Q and U Baby Shower!

A magical stork dropped off the cutest little set of "quints", and our class was able to learn all about the /qu/ sound with their help!  We sang lullabies, read poems, played games, and finally--on Friday, we had a baby shower for the little guys!  The kids were given invitations and a "gift" idea list--they could only bring /qu/ themed things!  

Along with sharing our /qu/ gifts for Queenie, Quincy, Quintin, Quigly, and Quinn--we had a blast doing shower games!  It was my best memory of this year.  The kids had so much fun, and it was just too sweet for words.  Here are a few pictures of the station games from the event!  I wish I could show pictures of the kids holding the "babies" while they worked--so stinkin' cute.

Baby Bootie Pair Up--matching /qu/ words!

"Squeaky Duck Pick Up"--students would choose a ducky, read the word on the bottom, and color the word they found on their recording page.  {This was the one they just couldn't WAIT to do!}

Write the room--I had baby themed pictures hanging from the ceiling, with /qu/ words, and the kids wrote down the words they found.  *Also pictured--our "Meet the Quints" booklet that introduced us to the quints, and how each one is unique!*

Another popular game--Baby-Tac-Toe!

Um--yes, that's the gift "area"--there were so many they didn't all fit on the couch, or in this picture!  The kids went ALL out for this!  I LOVE it!!!

Such a fun day, with so many fun memories!!!  :)

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