The Adventures of Super Tooth and the Cavity Villains

The adventures will begin next week--as Super Tooth flies in to help us learn all about dental health!  He is a toothy super hero that fights the bad guys--a gang of sneaky dudes called the cavity villains!  Each little friend will get a copy of the mini book about these guys to put in their reading briefcases, and we will create wanted posters for the Cavity Villains!  We will also do a cut and paste food sort, create lists of what makes us smile, learn all about the job of a dentist and dental hygienist, and conduct a science experiment using eggs, soda, and vinegar!  Can't wait!  We will be super busy.

I have put Super Tooth on sale until Monday, along with my Honest Abe packet--in honor of President's Day!  {Click the pictures to take you to my shop!}

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