Power Trippin' Ain't Cool

Hi Guys,

It's been a while I know, i've been busy busy busy with work and trying to get my health back up to stratch which has meant my little space on the internet has fallen behind. I know that most of you that read my blog are also working or in education still so understand that sometimes our blogs take a back seat over more important matters. Of course on my blog I try as much as possible to give you an insight into my working life in a fashion company. It all sounds very glamorours from the outside, but as well as being hardwork, exciting and rewarding, it does have it's moments. One of which I had just the other day.

When you tell people you working in fashion funnily enough one of the most frequent questions I get is 'so is everyone really bitchy then?!'. I have to say so far in my experience nearly everyone you work with is friendly and really nice. You're going to get the odd one or two people that feel they are above everyone else, no matter what industry you work in.

However, sometimes you come across someone who really can knock your confidence. I have to say, i'm quite a sensative soul, so I probably tend to be more effected by peoples words than the average person, but we all need to remember one person is nothing compared to the amount of people we meet during our lifetime....

So I was just getting on with my work minding my own business the friday just gone. Opposite me my boss was talking to an 'IT man' but of course I wasn't paying any attention to what they were saying. When the man goes to walk away I notice he has a 'Windows XP' tag hanging from his neck. As we all use Macs here, he could only be an IT guy. I politely ask him if he deals with computers. He looks at me blankly and nods his head, me taking this as my queue to explain whats wrong with my computer. (Now bare in mind for weeks I have been waiting for someone to fix this problem on my InDesign, otherwise I wouldn't have flagged him down.) As i'm explaining I look up and he's rolling his eyes at my boss. Like really rolling his eyes. I look at him in shock from his rudeness, mean while my boss is laughing at me. I wonder what i've said wrong?

My boss then stands up and says 'Holly this is one of the most senior guys in the company, obviously he doesn't have the time to deal with your computer problems'. The 'IT guy' looks at me laughs and walks away. I know neither of them probably meant to make me feel this way, but the fact is they did. I was literally shell shocked. I felt about 2 inches tall. I was so embarrassed and made to feel like an idiot. For the rest of the day I felt as if I couldn't ask anyone any questions and that I should have known who he was. But the truth is, I was polite. I hadn't actually done anything wrong. He should have told me he couldn't have helped me instead of listening to me go on as he rolled his eyes at me.

The point of the story is as long as you are a good employee/freelancer/intern, are polite and work hard, it will never be your fault if someone else is on a power trip. You will never have a reason to blame yourself for someone else's rudeness. This is why I cannot stress enough that manners are everything. Try your hardest to leave your personal issues/attitude at the door, because how you react to a situation could make all the difference on the impression people have of you.
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