Merry Christmas, "Ya Filthy Animal!"

I can NOT wait for Christmas.  I've already blown up my Pinterest boards with Christmasy ideas, and have ordered so many decorations from Etsy that my husband is beginning to worry (just a little) from the amount of packages being delivered.  It's totally fine.  I do not have a shopping problem.  {At least, I don't *think* I have a shopping problem.}  I'm nesting, people!

Christmasy traditions I can't wait to continue this year…(these are a mixture of classroom related…and not classroom related stuff)--and, get ready, because I'm going to quote a ridiculous amount of Christmas movies in the following list:

1.  Watching Elf while putting up our family Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving!  {"Santa!  I know him!!!"  and "These toilets are GINORMOUS!"}

2.  Baking and decorating sugar cookies with my mom to remember and honor a sweet family friend who passed away years ago.  She made the absolute BEST sugar cookies in the world.  Even though I try, I still can't make them the way she did!

3.  A new tradition--thanks to inspiration from my friend, Cara Carroll--random acts of kindness! {Check out Cara's blog for her list of RACKing ideas!} I do this at school with my students too!  We discuss fun ideas to help out and make someone's day--and we talk about how this is the season of giving.  I explain that they are never too little to brighten someone's day.  I love how the kids get into it!

4.  Our grade level (teacher's only) "Dirty Santa/white elephant" party!  This year, I'm super pumped to be hosting the party at my house.  I love nothing more than planning a good party.  Below is the invite I created for it…{please know--if you've never watched the movie Home Alone, then you will NOT get this invitation!}  "Keep the change…ya filthy animal."

5.  Christmas Around the World scrapbooks!  Ahhhh!  I love doing this every year!  I am really excited because I have recently updated the scrapbook--everything in it looks 110 percent better-- in my opinion!  Please, if you bought this packet from me in the past, go download the new version under "my purchases" on TpT!  I hope you will love the new look, and new activities I've added!  :)  If you are interested in purchasing it, please click the pictures below:

Side note: {This unit takes me about 2-3 weeks to complete!  We "fly" to a country and complete new activities every two days!  The scrapbook comes with a teacher's guide, boarding passes, passport and stamps, letter home, and so much more!}

6.  Watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve {"You'll shoot you're eye out!"  "I triple-dog dare you!" and "It's a major award!"--leg lamp, anyone?}  while also eating a late night snack of mashed potatoes and corn.  (Yep, mashed potatoes and corn--the hubs and I have done this every year we've been married.)

7.  Polar Express Day at school!  I love that we all wear PJ's, enjoy hot chocolate, and watch The Polar Express!  Such a cozy and fun day.

8.  Having my whole family over for Christmas Eve.  The whole night, everyone randomly recites quotes from the movie Christmas Vacation--and we all laugh like it's the first time we've ever heard it...  "Is your house on fire, Clark?" I swear, my whole family could probably reenact that entire movie.  Cracks.  me. up.

{So, I just realized...almost all of my traditions involve movies! Ha!}
I love hearing about family/classroom Christmas traditions!  If you tell me about one of your most unique/special/cherished Christmas traditions (in the comments), I might just pick you to win a free copy of my updated, new and improved Christmas Around the World Scrapbook!  Leave your comment and your email address!    

P.S. If you don't follow me on Instagram, please do!  I have been better lately at updating my Instagram with fun classroom ideas than updating my blog--it's just so easy to snap a picture and write a quick little note!  I'm @firstgraderatlast  on Instagram!

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