Boo Y'all {Read this for some Treats!}

Have you ever been "booed"?!  Well, I haven't until this year...and this year I've been "booed" twice--and I just all kinds of LOVE it!  First, you should know, I big *PUFFY heart* LOVE fall.  It's my favorite.  I've been so busy lately, that it has been hard getting into the Halloween spirit--but my two "BOO's" have really gotten me on some kind of crazy Halloween crafting/pumpkin muffin baking/decorating/driving my husband crazy kick!

My first "BOO" happened at school.  One early morning, I was shuffling all my stuff--along with my coffee and blueberry muffin--feeling very sleepy and a little sorry for myself when I noticed a bag on my classroom door.  It wasn't anything too fancy--but it was holding boxes of Little Debbie Bat Brownies for my whole class (plus some extra for this pregnant teacher--YAY!  BROWNIES!!!), and a fun little poem and door decoration.  Made my day.  So I created a Boo bag for another class to help spread the Halloween cheer!  Then...last night, while the hubs and I were watching a VERY scary movie that was totally freaking me out, we saw a lady outside our front door window--and we both screamed.  Turns out, the sweet lady was giving us a "BOO"--hope we didn't scare her, too!!!  We opened the door to a glow in the dark bucket of candy and Halloween toys for Emma!  FUN!  I went to Michael's today to get my Boo-ing supplies, and found tons of Halloween deals for just $1!  Sweet!  I made these little Frankenstein buckets to BOO our neighbors tonight:

{Green buckets + paint pens + five minutes = adorbs Frankenstein buckets}

In other news, I've started creating again!  I've been in a creative slump, people.  I'm not gonna lie.  You know what's on my mind lately?  Babies.  Nurseries.  Cute little clothes.  Stuff like that.

{My nursery inspiration board!  It's a...BOY!!!!!}  

Anyway, on to the teaching stuff!!! :)  It feels good to have made a few new things for my class of curious little first graders!  This week, I'm teaching L blends--so I made a big practice packet called "Blends with Friends" to use during whole group, reading stations, and small group.  

Last week, I had fun integrating our bat unit into language arts with my "Bat-tastic Contractions" packet!  Nikki from Melonheadz gets me with her clip art.  Every.  Time.  Had to have those bats--and I just HAD to make something fun with them!  My kids loved the pocket chart bat-tivities.

And, as Halloween approaches, I want to make a class-created book!  Class books are one of my favorite things to do, and I NEVER seem to have time to do them anymore! :(  Sadsville. We've made a BIG book together, but not one that I can laminate and put on the reading shelf, SO... I created a class- created book template called "The Spooky House".  First, I am going to read The Haunted House by Eve Bunting--I love that book in all its simplicity--and I love the illustrations!  Then, I will do a mini lesson on descriptive words.  The kids will help brainstorm a list of describing words for a spooky/haunted house, and then I will give each student a page to fill in the sentence and illustrate!

The first person to guess my favorite Halloween candy will get all THREE of the above packets for FREE!  Leave a comment and your email!!!

I have also included 3 quick owl math pages for free download below, and my "BOO" letter and door hanger for you to use to BOO someone!*****And that's my Boo for Y'all!!!!*****
Happy Halloween...and get to BOOing!!!

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