Have you ever seen a pink penguin?

I know you want to hear all about this pink penguin, but first, let me just tell you, my class has had an absolute BLAST learning about penguins this week!  During independent reading, the kids have used our penguin research tub of books to discover new learning!  They have been busy writing down fun facts on sticky notes and adding them to our fat little penguin anchor chart!  {It has crazy big eyes, of course!}

We used rulers to find out exactly how tall a 4 foot Emperor Penguin is, and everyone had fun standing next to a life sized Emperor Penguin chart to see how they would measure up!  We even started adding some facts we learned about Emperor Penguins!

During buddy reading, the performer was brought out in many of my little friends as they practiced plays like "Tacky the Penguin" and "Winter Friends"!  One of my favorite activities of the week has been reading the picture book Pink!  After we read about Patrick the pink penguin, we decided to create our own little guys using pink scrapbook paper.  Then the kids had a writing activity called, "Meet my Pink Penguin!"  I love that one of the penguins is named Michael and takes karate lessons.  First graders are creative...and funny!

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