"Qu" Quints Baby Shower!

On Monday, I introduced five new little friends to the class--the quints:  Queenie, Quintin, Quigley, Quinn, and Quincy.  While a few of my students rocked the babies (so cute!), I explained that these little ones were here to help us learn to read and write /qu/ words.  {And, since our reading series said so, I also had to teach /wh/ this week.  Just a little confusing for my kiddos.}  Anyway, we practiced reading our giant baby shower invitation that had many /wh/ words, then each student took home a baby shower invitation to share with their families!  The quints stayed in our room all week long, and today we threw a /qu/ {and /wh/}  baby shower for them!  The kids brought in /qu/ and /wh/ gifts like white blankies/booties/hats, quarters, hot wheels cars, white quilts, squeaky books, and quacking ducks!  After the gifts were all set up on a table, and most of the quints were wrapped up in new quilts, the kids visited baby-themed reading stations! 

The Giant Invitation!

Baby bottled up words:  The kids had to unscramble the letter beads to figure out which /wh/ and /qu/ word was inside each bottle!  (This was a little tricky, so we had a word bank to help!)

Rattle toss:  The kids were given two soft baby rattles, and were to toss them onto a large word mat (just a Dollar Tree table cloth).  If the rattle landed on a word, they would read it, then get a point for their team!  They really loved this game!

Descriptive writing--baby clothes edition!  I left a bag of baby clothes at the writing table.  The kids chose an outfit, then used descriptive words to describe the outfit.  When stations were over, they took turns reading their descriptive writing and having their friends guess which outfit they were describing!  It was so much fun, and many realized that a few more details could have made it easier for others to guess!
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