What is a Wonder Pug?

I am a picture book collector, and this is one I just bought for Emma *who turned ONE this weekend*!  (Can't believe it!)  Anyway, this book is one of my new favorites.  It ranks right up there with Skippyjonjones, and that is kinda a big deal {for me}.  This story begins with an adorable little chick who is reading "The Adventures of Wonder Pug", and daydreaming of a life of adventure as a super hero.  He desperately wants to be Wonder Pug.  The chick is beside himself with excitement when he runs into a real life pug (who is far from being Wonder Pug!) The story is so sweet and funny, and the pictures are incredible.  I highly recommend it for your own classroom or home libraries! 

Meet Teddy! (Our own little Wonder Pug.)

He could be a super hero, right?
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