Shooting Stars!

Space craft-tivity of the week:  shooting stars!  Very simple to make (just takes a little prep work to cut all the ribbon), and the kids will have a BLAST making them fly!  

  1. Cut 2 different lengths of banner strips (any color), and 3 or more different lengths of curling ribbon.  {Curl one or 2 of the curling ribbons with your scissors!}
  2. Have the kids gather all of the ribbons together at one end, then twist together tightly, and tape to a square of aluminum foil.
  3. Crumble up a paper ball, then wrap the foil (with ribbons attached) around the paper ball.  
  4. Tie a piece of yarn to the ribbon bunch found right underneath the foil ball. {This is your flying string.}
  5. Take the shooting stars outside to watch them fly!
They are AWESOME!!!!

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