A Hollywood Ending...

Last week, the stars of Mrs. Cooley's first grade were invited to dress up in red carpet attire and party in "Hollywood" to celebrate the ending of an amazing year!  {And, y'all, the kids looked ADORABLE.}  The little celebrities had fun walking the red carpet, posing with friends in front of the Hollywood sign, visiting the Walk of Fame, feasting on popcorn and other delicious treats, and, of course, signing autograph books for their "fans"!  The "mama"-razzi and "papa"-razzi showed up and snapped some of the cutest photos of all the kids!  I sure am going to miss these kiddos!

The Walk of Fame...each celebrity first grader had a star with his or her name and handprints!

First grade autograph and picture book!  Each child had a black and white photo made for posters on display in the hallway, and I used those same photos for the autograph book!  The girls looked so sweet with fancy necklaces, a scarf, and sunglasses--and the boys looked so handsome with their little fedora hats!  I so wish I could share the photos of these cuties!  

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