We Made...Lemonade!

We are lovin' lemons lately!  The "lemon madness" started with a "how to" writing lesson.  The kids helped me brainstorm everything we would need to make lemonade {they didn't know I already had everything there at school!}  Then, we worked together to write how to make lemonade on an anchor chart! We had to use the words first, next, then, and finally.  The kids even wrote their own recipes for lemonade! After a little writing, we needed a treat!  So we took all of our ingredients and made...lemonade!!!  Many of us, including me, had never made lemonade from REAL lemons before--so we were all pretty excited to get to squeeze the lemons into our pitcher!  *Yep, didn't bring one of those handy juicers...could have been helpful!*  Anyway, we had a lemonade tasting party, and we decided that our first grade lemonade was very yummy!

This lemonade lesson kicked off a little "When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade" mini unit that I will post more pictures of later!  Fun stuff!
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