Debbie Diller Math Tubs!

Hey there!  I haven't forgotten you, my sweet friends!  It is summer vacation here, and I have been a busy, busy lady chasing around my 15 month old little baby who has learned two new words this week: baby and car!  Not too exciting to others, but super exciting to me!  Ha!  Being a mommy rocks.  

Anyway, I've seen several of my favorite teacher friends blogging about Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book--{awesome} and I wanted to share how I organized my math tubs near the end of this past year!  I wish I had these cute little tubs all year long, but I am so excited to begin a new year with them!  I usually begin my math block with 15-20 minutes of whole group instruction--beginning with a number talk, daily review of basic skills (addition facts, counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, coin values, math journaling, etc.), then moving into an explicit lesson on the math skill of the day.  After whole group instruction, the kids are given time to independently practice the skill--sometimes this is a game, other times it is a work page, or a math craft-tivity/activity.  Following independent practice, it is finally time for Math Work Stations!  {Woot!}  My students can't wait to do math stations!  I try to put a few games and activities inside each tub that will relate to the math topic of the week, and the other tubs are mainly review activities.  Like Debbie Diller suggested, I found that keeping math work station groups to 2 or 3 kids really kept my students more engaged in learning and resulted in less conflict!  Each tub is numbered, and the kids are assigned to 2 tubs each day, but sometimes we only have time for 1 tub. 

I promise to try to post more ideas throughout the summer!      
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