Reindeer Games

Our trip around the world on Christmas Airlines has begun--and we are having all kinds of fun learning about Christmas traditions in other countries!  To go along with our Christmas themed classroom fun, I have added some precious reindeer activities to my reading stations!  The little silly reindeer pictured below are placed in a pocket chart and matched to the words that best describe them.  {My faves...the rock n' roll reindeer and stinky reindeer--which I sadly did not get a picture of those two!}  

The adorable guys in the picture below are just a fun little decoration right now--but I am planning on attaching magnets to the back of each reindeer, and the kids can use them to put in ABC order, and then complete a matching cut and paste work page to go with it!
 I CAN'T wait to make my swirly-antlered, root beer lovin' reindeer guy.  He is holding a teeny tiny book titled, "If You Give a Reindeer Some Root Beer..." {which is all about him, and the kids fill in missing words and illustrate each tiny page--AH!  I just love him!}  In his other hand is a delicious root beer...because of course reindeer get thirsty on their journey to help Santa deliver presents!
If you are a teacher friend, and would like to read and write and sing about reindeer too--you can find all these activities (and much more) in my Reindeer Games activity packet!  Grab yours *here*!

*Pictures of our adventures with our Christmas Around the World Scrapbook coming soon...*
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