Quiet Mouse. Shhh--Freebie!

Have you heard of Quiet Mouse?  I was introduced to this wonderfully silly, easy, and rockin' management game when I began teaching first grade.  It is fantastic for keeping all my little chatter boxes quiet in the hallways--while waiting to go into specials, or while waiting for everyone during a restroom break.  

Simple rules:

1.  Choose a new "Quiet Mouse of the Day" each day--and write that child's name on the poster.  {This will be the child that starts the game each time you play it that day.}
2.  During a transition time, the Quiet Mouse of the Day will step out of line, and look carefully for the best behaved, most quiet kid in line.
3.  The "Quiet Mouse of the Day" gently taps a new student to be the "quiet mouse", and this continues  until you stop the game!  

Love it because it's SO EASY and the kids NEVER seem to get tired of it.  It's kind of amazing.  

Get your own copy of the "Quiet Mouse of the Day" poster below:

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