Emma's Learning and Craftivity Box


So, my summer bucket list is already getting items checked off left and right.  This summer has already been my favorite yet--having a three year old is busy and entertaining!  Emma and I have already spent a day in P.J.'s watching movies, had a living room dance party, spent hours splashing in the pool, have had a few morning tea parties with a surprise birthday for Elmo, and each day I let her choose some fun activities out of her learning and craftivity box!  I want to make sure she continues to learn and grow throughout the summer so she can pick right back up when she returns to daycare in the fall.

I don't know what it is, but there is something about the "Learning & Craftivity Box" that makes everything in it more exciting to her.  Also, when it is not in use, it goes in the top of a closet--to make it more of a "special" thing!

I found the big box at Michael's--it may not look like it, but it can hold TONS of stuff!!!  

We spend about 30-45 minutes a day doing activities from the box. I try to pick some out first, and then I let her pick a few.  Emma's favorite so far has been painting with watercolors.  We may have to refresh the paper and paints more than once this summer!

My favorites are the Kumon activity books--they are awesome!  We spent a whole morning practicing using a glue stick and making the cutest stick puppets with the "Let's Sticker & Paste" booklet.  Emma loves using her safety scissors, and there are cool things to cut and create with the "Let's Cut Paper" book.  I was shocked when I realized that she was already able to trace letters--so I bought her the "My First Book of Tracing"--it has really BIG lines of all kinds, including letters, shapes, and basic handwriting lines that are perfect for toddlers and early learners.  I can't say enough good things about those books!

The picture below shows all the items that are packed into the box.  I will probably add new things every few weeks to keep it fresh and exciting!

Items from this box coming soon to my TpT store...

BIG Alphas--great for classroom walls and/or letter recognition games! 

Letter/sound animal flash cards--I'm using these with Emma and a sweet little girl that I'm tutoring this summer!  

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