Estimation Station

On the 2nd day of Christmas in July...

Today's Deal of the Day (on sale TODAY only!) is my Estimation Station Kit!
Go beyond the estimation jar in your classroom this year--use these estimation task cards as a once weekly morning meeting activity, a math station choice, or as part of your weekly math calendar/routine!  

The task cards cover a variety of measurement standards: 
length, weight, time, and capacity.  
Last year, I cut out and laminated the cards and attached two metal rings to the top.  I hung them on Command Hooks and created the "Estimation Station".  Each week, I would flip to the new estimation card and read it aloud.  Anytime they had a free moment throughout the week--in the morning, after finishing an assignment, etc.--my students would visit the station to make their estimates on their estimation cards.  On Friday, the kids would share their answers and why they thought the way they did.  After sharing, we would figure out the answer as a group--and see who was the closest to the correct answer!  

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