Teacher Week: 10 Fun Things About ME!!!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week!  
Here are 10 new and FuN things about me!
*These are completely random.  And a some are a little ridiculous.*

1.  I didn't always want to be a teacher.  In college, I started out as a Journalism/Mass Communication major, thinking I would be the next big advertising exec.  The summer after freshmen year, I got an internship with an amazing advertising agency...and soon realized that it was not my calling!  Realizing that was a little scary, and a lot disheartening.  But, around the same time, I was also leading a group at Vacation Bible School at my church, and found that I LOVED working with the kids!  I prayed and prayed about it, and the next week, I changed my major to education.  I was filled with such an overwhelming feeling of peace and excitement.  I knew that teaching is what I was MEANT to do!  I totally believe God gave me those experiences to lead me to be a teacher.  I thought I knew what path my life was going to take, but He knew an even better path, and showed me the way.  He is awesome like that, y'all.  Seriously.

2.  I played a dandelion in a school play.  It was in 4th grade, and the play was Alice in Wonderland.  I had to sing a solo, and people, I am NOT A SINGER.  Never have been, and never will be.  Anyway, anything is cute when you are little and dressed like a flower, so I did it.  But I was so nervous that my music teacher had to hang a pink balloon at the back of the auditorium for me to stare at while I sang.  Thank goodness for pink balloons.

3.  I know ALL the words to Salt-N-Peppa's "Shoop"and can sort of rap it like a boss.  (It's the 90's kid in me!) Like I said above, I am not a singer.  I'm also pretty shy and have stage fright...but, for some cRaZY reason, I love to do Karaoke!!! My song of choice is always "Shoop"--I guess it's not really singing-- but fast talking, if you think about it.  

4.  I am afraid of clowns.  {I'm sorry if you love clowns, or if someone you love happens to be a clown...I just can't handle them--it's nothing personal.} I break out in a sweat and feel dizzy when I see one.  They FREAK me out.   

5.  In middle school, I went through a phase.  It was called, "I like to wear basketball jerseys with "skorts" and Timberlands Phase".  Yes, I said a "skort".  In case you don't know what that little gem of clothing is-- it is a skirt/shorts.  I had a Shaq jersey, because...I don't know why.  I didn't play basketball, and didn't really watch it, either.  And, Timberlands were the "in" thing at the time, so I kind of got something right.  Can y'all imagine all of that together on a short, slightly chubby, messy-haired teenager? You don't even want to imagine.  I thought it was cool.  Turns out, it was terrible.  My cheeks are turning red just thinking about it!  What. Was. I. thinking???  

6.  I snort when I laugh.  This fact usually surprises people when they hear me do it, and it makes them laugh, which makes me laugh harder, and then I snort some more.  

7.  In high school, I dated a popular football player...and then ended up with a band nerd.  The band nerd is now my husband.  {It's okay, I can say that, because I was a band nerd too.}  ;)  We started dating when we were 16--he was my best friend then, and still is.  I knew I loved him after 2 weeks.  We got married when we were 22, and I can't imagine my life without him!  

8.  I started my blog after having my first baby.  That was three and a half years ago (I can't believe it)!  While on maternity leave, I remember sitting around while she was napping--loving being a mommy, but missing the classroom a little, too!  While looking around on the computer one day, I found April Larremore's blog, Chalk Talk, and was immediately inspired.  I wanted to share ideas with other teachers, and I wanted to have a place to talk about my classroom adventures!  So, on a lazy afternoon, "First Grader...at Last!" was born!  I have loved blogging and watching the education blogging community grow by leaps and bounds.  I have made amazing friends, and have learned so much from all the amazing teacher bloggers out there!  

9.  I make the most delicious fried green tomatoes.  Y'all, I'm not bragging.  I'm just saying.  And my husband says it too.  I'm not great at cooking, but I can cook those--so, if you're ever in Alabama and having a craving for fried green tomatoes, stop by the Cooley house.  I'll hook you up.

10.  One of my bucket list items is to see the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  I love Christmas trees, and that one is the biggest.  It looks magical, and I bet it feels magical to stand near it.  I had a sweet friend that once brought me back one of the branches that had fallen off it, and I kept it until all the little needles dried up and fell off.  Then it was just a stick.  And sticks aren't any fun.

Stay tuned...and join in on Teacher Week!  
Tomorrow I hope to give you a little tour of my brand NEW classroom!  

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