Appletivities...and 2 Apple FREEBIES!

Last week was apple week, and if you know me, you know I LOVE planning some thematic activities about apples!  Such a fun time of year!  During writing workshop, I did a mini lesson on adjectives, and then we added adjectives to our smiley apple guy:

On Johnny Appleseed's birthday, we did one of my all-time absolute favorite craftivities-- GIANT apples!!!  Totally kid-created, and totally adorable and unique--(in this teacher's opinion)!  During the creation of these ginormous apples, my classroom was literally a sea of red paper.  It was slightly crazy in there, but it really was all kinds of fun! The kids created the coolest little apple cores I've ever seen.  I may never want to take this display down!!!

{They also added labels to show the parts of the apple, and we attached their apple booklets--for more information, see below!}

In reading, we have begun learning features of non-fiction text, so of course, I HAD to tie it into apples.     The kids each created a non-fiction features mini booklet--all about apples. 

You can download your own Apples non-fiction features mini book by clicking the cover page below:

We also had an apple tasting party, and we will graph our favorites this week using my Apple Tasting Party packet:

In math, the kids did apple word problems and completed a little apple basket math booklet to help them practice their fluency to 6.  You can download your apple basket math booklet by clicking the cover page below:

Happy fall, y'all!

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