Favorite Things: Classroom Edition!

I am pretty new to the blogging world, and I didn't realize how many wonderful teaching blogs are out there! I came across Babbling Abby today,and she has a great post link up for teachers to share their must haves. I thought I'd join the fun and share my must haves with all of you wonderful people! So, these are few of my favorite things. I kind of feel like Oprah, but without all the screaming and giveaways...

1. First and foremost, I have to have my Starbucks! You will see me with a very large coffee mug every morning!

2. Mavalus Tape and Magnet Tape. If you haven't used the Mavalus Tape, you should! It is "mavalus"! It keeps those anchor charts on the wall all year.

I LOVE magnet tape. I put magnets on everything!

3. Scholastic Word Families Song Book. My students can't get enough of this book. The songs are so cute, and we love singing songs to go with our phonics skill of the week!

4. Magic Wand. It's magical. I use this wand ALL the time. I use it as a signal to change centers, or just to get everyone's attention. It has such a pleasant little sound!

5. Cut outs. I love all kinds of cut outs! I have a huge box of bears, cupcakes, stars, owls, pumpkins, penguins, you name it. I love turning my cut outs into reading and math games, or using them to hang around the room with words on them for the kids to read.

6. Twistables colored pencils and crayons. These are the BEST coloring tools ever. I really wish everyone in my class could have them. Just think--no more crayon peels or broken pieces lying on the floor! I think they would last longer than plain crayons or colored pencils too.

7. Scrapbook paper. I love getting giant scrapbook paper packs. New paper makes everything more fun.
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