Work to Tweet About!

As the first day gets closer and closer, I am slowly checking things off my never ending "to do" list! To go along with the bird/outdoor theme this year, I finally finished making the little birds for our classroom work display in the hallway! I had a hard time finding the right type of bird (they just weren't "Richardy" enough!) so I just decided to draw my own! *If you don't understand my made up word, Richardy, just see my post about Richard the class mascot!* It's getting exciting going up to the school--everyone is finishing their rooms, and the halls are starting to look bright and cheery again! Now my task is to find a cute picnic table for the writing station, organize my center baskets for reading and math, prepare for meet the teacher, plan for the first two days, finish my last bulletin board, make notebook labels, create new poem charts...the list goes on. Oh well. At least my birds are cute (and Richardy).

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