First Day=Fantastic!

Well, we've made it through the first two days of school! It has been very busy, and few of my sweet little ones have already asked me if we get to have nap time. I felt so bad for them when I had to break the news..."Not this year, sweetie." (Bless their little hearts.) But even without nap time, I know this year is going to be wonderful!

After reading Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes, we discussed how the words we use can either help or hurt others. We played a name matching game and decorated our names, then we cut each letter out and placed them onto posters:

I introduced myself to my new friends using my all about me poster:

We played with "MAGIC DOUGH"--*secret recipe*: Wrap a small amount of play-doh inside another color of play-doh. I always tell my first graders that if their magic dough changes color, that means they will have an amazing year! They LOVE it!

Chandler was chosen as our first Super Star of the Day! He brought 3 things to share about about himself in the super star bag, we asked him questions about his likes and dislikes, created a poster of the things we learned about him, then we each drew a picture of him and cut out the pieces of his name!

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