Beware of Bossy E...

Bossy e was our class visitor the past couple of weeks!  He came strutting into the room with his backwards cap, bossing around all the vowels...and KICKING them in the pants to make them say their own names!  Oh no!  What a bully!   I don't know why I started this whole "kicking vowels in the pants" business, but it sticks with the kids, and they think its pretty hilarious.  I just hope their 2nd grade teachers understand when they ask one of my students if they know the CVCe rule, and the kids say, "The e kicks the vowel in the pants!" Ha!  Anyway, it has been fun reading words with bossy e, and I created a little mini packet (my first Teachers Pay Teachers venture) available for f-r-e-e if you'd like to download it!  It comes with a silly story about Bossy e, a printable for creating a wanted poster, and a set of flash cards that have a real photo of bossy e on each!

We used the bossy e flash cards during guided reading, and sorted the bossy e words by vowel sounds.

**Update!  I just uploaded a precious, new and improved version of Bowling for Facts to TpT!  It comes with 10 game mats if you are interested in having a fun little addition math game!**

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