A Giant Little Giraffe Exhibit

Look.  At. These.

{Sorry.  Bad picture.  Cute giraffe.}

Um, TOO PRECIOUS right?!  In a few weeks, first grade is headed to the zoo, and to kick off our huge animals/habitats unit, we have decided to create a "First Grade Zoo" on display throughout the first grade hallway!  Each class is responsible for researching an animal, creating the animals for the exhibit, and some classes are even making animal "plaques" to tell important information about the animal--just like a real zoo!  I can't wait to see how it all turns out!  I just had to show off the adorable beginnings of our {giant} little giraffe exhibit!  The kids worked together as teams to create these giant guys out of butcher paper!  I love them so much they may be staying up until the end of the year...Ha!  :)  I'll post the finished product soon!
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