Adventures in Space

Get ready for...AN ADVENTURE in SPACE!  The kids had so much fun designing their very own astronaut scrapbook pages each day as we visited new places in the Solar System!  I dressed up in my fuzzy astronaut helmet, and we began by learning all about Amazing Astronauts!  {Isn't this one adorable?}

We went on a virtual field trip with NASA and learned that the sun is not just yellow--it is all the colors of the rainbow!  {This is our ROY G BIV sun, complete with solar flares, sunspots, and solar winds.}
We visited each planet in the Solar System and journaled the cool facts we learned there!
These scrapbooks were such a fun way for my students to record their learning!  They loved looking back and reading why "Mars is Magnificent" and why "Earth is Extraordinary"!

I have uploaded *a new and improved--seriously very cool* Adventures in Space scrapbook (created on my brand new MacBook--WOOT!) to my TpT store for $4.00--but I will send 2 out for free to the first two friends who comment!  {Just leave me your email address!}

Hope you have amazing adventures in space...
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