HC Trend Love: Statement Necklace

One massive trend that has taken the London streets by storm the past 3 months is Statement Necklaces. With no sign of stopping, (in fact the Highstreet just keeps producing more and more) these eye popping necklaces are here to stay!
Whether you're a chic fashionista, or edgy individual there are so many styles to choose from the possibilities are endless. As you can see, I haven't fallen short with my statement necklace collection, I have one for nearly everyday of the week (and my collection is growing)! The reason I love them personally is because they add an individual look and style to any outfit. Even more so because I wear a lot of black and white, so a statement necklace compliments my wardrobe quite a lot, without over doing it. So take a look at my top 5 Statement necklace styles, how I wear them, and some similar styles that you may like!

Colour Poppin' Statement Necklace

Spring/Summer'13 has seen the revival of modern neon pieces, lime and yellows being the main tones on the catwalks, through to the highstreet pieces below. These necklaces look amazing paired with a monochrome outfit, especially with a contrasting smart button up shirt.

1. Ashiana Spike Necklace with Neon Thread, ASOS // Get it HERE
2. Curb Chain Triangle Necklace, ASOS // Get it HERE 
3. Coloured Triangle Collar, ASOS // Get it HERE
4. Jewelled Bib Necklace, ASOS // Get it HERE

Regal Ammo

These statement necklaces are all of the ammunition you need to create a statement look with just one item. From golden spikes and bullets to jewels fit for a queen, these necklaces have majesty and the edge. Wear with delicate chiffon blouses for a juxaposition of effortless style.

1. Clean stone pyramid pendant, Topshop // Get it HERE
2. Crystal and black gem necklace, by Mango @ ASOS // Get it HERE
3. Box chain and pearl collar, ASOS // Get it HERE
4. Chain necklace with Appliques, ZARA // Get it HERE

Ghetto Chains

This spring/summer has seen the revival of 90's fashion, and this includes some impressive Hip Hop inspired 'Ghetto Chains'. These style of statement necklace are definitely not for the faint hearted and need to be worn with attitude. They look great paired with this seasons sport influence tees, with an army jacket for an edgy twist. If you're not a fan of gold then go for a rose gold or silver chain for a less obvious take on this style.

1. Rose Chain, ASOS // Get it HERE
2. Funky Bling OMG Chain, ASOS // Get it HERE
3. Box chain, ASOS // Get it HERE
4. Pieces Millie chunky Chain Necklace, ASOS // Get it HERE

Futuristic Shapes

One of my favourite of my statement necklace collections, is my new brought perspex and metal details necklace from Topshop (below). I love the futuristic twist on the statement necklace, and they looks great paired with clean silhouettes and metallic tops. Future trendsetters only!

1. Copan Collar Necklace, ASOS // Get it HERE
2. Faux Leather and Silve Plaque Necklace, ZARA // Get it HERE
3. Large Plastic V Shape Collar, Topshop // Get it HERE
4. Mega Rave Plastic Necklace, Topshop // Get it HERE

Buried Treasure

Who says that necklaces have to stick to one precious material? These four beauties are an ecletic mix of beautiful metals, fabrics and stones. They suit a boho style, and look amazing layered with more chains. However, they do speak for themselves and make just as much as an impact all on there own. Layer on top of interesting textures and knits to complete this look!

1. Silver Plated Necklace, ZARA // Get it HERE
2. Floral Fabric Stone collar, Topshop // Get it HERE
3. Multicoloured Ethnic Necklace, ZARA // Get it HERE
4. Chunky Link Fabric Collar, Topshop // Get it HERE

So what statement necklace suits your style? Are you rocking the Ghetto Chains or will you be digging out that buried treasure. I love them all, and wear then depending on my outfit, so I could possibly pick a favourite - but would to love to know yours!

Holly x

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