Shape Walk

This week, my first grade "shape-ologists" went on a shape "walk".  I set out several large posters with a picture of a shape, the name of it, and then a smaller "mini" poster asking the kids to describe the shape, and list real world examples.  They were split into groups of three, and rotated to a new shape every 5 minutes or so.  

I was so impressed with their work--not only did they collaborate wonderfully, but they came up with descriptions and examples that were thoughtful and creative!  (I loved that one of the triangle real-world examples said, "If you add angry eyes and a beak, it would be an angry bird."  YES!)  

Here are all the posters on display for the reference during our geometry unit of study.  The rainbow colors make me happy.  :)

I also wanted to include this little snap shot of this architectural creation a few of my kiddos made at their shape stations--they were so excited when I took a picture--they REALLY wanted me to share it on the blog!  :)  Good job, guys!  {Oh, and  I'm supposed to tell you that the little tiny blocks are people.}
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