The Hierarchy of Fashion Intern Footwear

Fashion Intern Footwear - What should you wear when?!

I noticed whilst interning, that the footwear much like the hierarchy of the fashion world worked upwards; we're talking heel height, designer and style of shoe. Obviously anyone is free to wear pretty much anything on their feet, whatever their role within the company. There aren't any 'written rules' to say otherwise, but the shoes you wear on your feet pretty much display the kind of job role you have; whether practical from the 'run-around' interns in trainers and flats, right up to the fashion editors who wear anything from skyscraper Givenchy heels right through to New Balance trainers.
I have noticed this with my own footwear, how it has developed over my (very short) fashion career, and most obviously how the shoes I wear reflect the jobs I would be doing that day. I have mentioned this briefly in my previous Fashion Intern Advice articles, but this time i'm taking it one step further; showing you what shoes you should wear when. Sounds obvious right? Trust me i've seen plenty of interns shifting heavy suitcases in heels. (Yeah I know what you're thinking, they probably cried themselves to sleep that night!) So here we go my 'Hierarchy of Fashion Intern Footwear'...

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The Run-Around

So it's your first week interning. You'll be running around returning clothes, shifting boxes of samples, lugging heavy suitcases of clothing around. You're going to need shoes that don't leave your feet screaming at the end of the day!
No they're not the most stylish shoes in the world but I promise you won't hate me for telling you to pull out those old school converse! And luckily for Spring/Summer 2013 fashion assistants/interns trainers are a big trend. As stated before, it won't just be you guys rocking your kicks; everyone in the fashion industry will be wearing them from Pumas to New Balance trainers. You may be at the bottom of the ladder at the moment, but you'll be a trend setter AND comfortable!

1. Black Converse, Office // Buy them HERE
2. Adidas @Office // Buy them HERE
3. New Balance // Buy them HERE

The Prepper

You've been bumped up the ladder (a tad), but you're still rushed off your feet. Now you prep for shoots, pull out samples, create moodboards it's getting more exciting everyday! With these new creative roles comes some creative shoes! Still flat, still comfortable but embellished with everything fashionable; studs, spikes, buckles, straps, they make a fashion statement whilst still being your best friend at the end of the day.

1. Studded Brogue, Office // Get them HERE
2. Jeffery Cambell Loafers // Get them HERE
3. Buckle Brogue, Topshop // Get them HERE

The Desk Jockey

You've worked your shoes off so far, and all of the hard work's beginning to pay off; you've been given your very own work space! This means working on the computer, maybe collating images, carrying out research and a bit of admin work. All of this whilst sitting down (who would have thought?!). This meaning you are no longer the sole run-around. My conclusion? Your heels are allowed to get a little higher. 
Don't get too carried away though, at this stage you're not free from lugging heavy boxes/suitcases/clothes rails around so keep them platform, keep them practical. I'm talking flatforms. So comfortable but still sensible as they feel like you're still wearing flats. The rounded front also means they're so easy to walk in - tall girls not excluded!

1. Vagabond CONGA Platform Pump, Office // Get them HERE
2. Jasmin Flatform, Topshop // Get them HERE
3. Animal Flatform, ASOS // Get them HERE

The Fashion Assistant

So you've proved yourself as a hard working individual. You've carried out all the jobs given to you with enthusiasm and drive. You've voiced your opinion and even made slight changes to the basic running of the fashion cupboard to make the stylist's jobs easier. You're now assisting on shoots and attending meetings, and those run-arounds have transformed into the fashion office must-have; the detailed ankle boot.
My advice? Choose a style with a platform. Although you're now seeing the more glamorous side of the fashion industry, you still need to be able to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk (and occasionally carry that heavy suitcase!)

1. Addict Leather Boot, ASOS // Get them HERE
2. Parker Chelsea Boots, Topshop // Get them HERE
3. Lace-up Boots, Office // Get them HERE

The Freelancer

YES! You've made it! You've proved yourself and you've finally got that job that you deserve! And the best part? Now you're a working girl you can wear what you want on those feet that have carried you through the good and the bad times to get here. So go wild! Well... I say that, but it's not entirely true; there are still those 'practical days'. When I know i'm working at my desk, I do go a little bit higher with my heels. But those Run-Arounds and Preppers are the ones that got me to where I am today, so they're never left behind! You're just now able to have more choice with what you wear - so go ahead and abuse that right!

1.  Stunner leather buckle heels, Topshop // Get them HERE
2. Tempo shoe boots, ASOS // Get them HERE
3. Trace clear wedge shoe boot, ASOS // Get them HERE

So what do you think of 'The Hierarchy of Fashion Intern Footwear'? Would you wear any of these kicks? What do you think your shoes say about you? I would love to hear your opinions and what shoes you'd be rocking around the office. Let us know!

HC x

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