May the Phonics be with You...

So, I found this little boxed set of Star Wars phonics readers last weekend at Barnes and Noble.  When I saw them, I immediately thought of one of my little friends, who LOVES Star Wars.  After seeing a big smile on his face when I handed him one of the books, I decided to use the other books for one of my guided reading groups to reinforce some basic phonics concepts.  I have NEVER seen these guys so excited to get their new group book!!!!  They have been picking these up to read throughout the day, during independent reading and buddy reading, and they have been practicing like crazy at home.  It can be really tricky to find books that boys get really excited about reading, and it makes me happy to see them having so much fun and mastering those basic phonics skills.  I am a fan.   Until next time, "May the Phonics be with You..."--{Get it!?!}  I'm so cheesy.  :)

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