A Hollywood Ending...

A few years ago, I blogged about my Hollywood themed End of the Year Party--I will always remember seeing my kids faces as they walked the red carpet-- dressed up in "red carpet attire"--posing and grinning as their parents snapped photos of them!  After all the pictures were taken by the mama-razzi and papa-razzi, the kids snacked on popcorn, visited the walk of fame, and signed autographs for each other.  It was SO much fun, and the pictures from that day were just perfect.  I wish I could show you how adorable they all looked!!!!  I want to try a Hollywood Party again this year--and I hope to make it bigger and better than ever!  If y'all are looking for a fun year-end theme, I created my Hollywood Ending packet to make it easy for you to plan your party, awards day, and memory book activities--it's all in one packet!  

Have a little "Oscars" type awards ceremony with "The Classy Awards"-- 
just like those award shows--only smaller and more cute!  (30 unique awards for all your little smarties.)

Set up party stations with themed party signs--make sure everyone knows where to go!  

 Great for the last few days of school--have your little celebrities reflect on their year with you with a cute little memory book!

This packet also comes with a parent letter and mini autograph book!  All you need to do is add your own Hollywood themed decorations and snacks, and you've got a party that your kids will remember forever! 

 It's time I had a giveaway!!!!  The FIRST and NINETEENTH person to comment will get this pack for free--please leave your email address!!!
 Thanks for reading, and happy last few weeks of school to everyone!  We can make it!!!

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