Giant Sunflowers

So all of my readers by now should know about my terrible gardening skills--if not, please read this post.  And also this one.
Funnily enough, we are now learning about...PLANTS!!!  HA!  Even though I have bad luck with real plants, I can totally deal with some paper plants.  So today, I let the kids go crazy with butcher paper, and make a mess that totally stressed me (I *may* have a *tiny* OCD thing about a clean and organized classroom--I had to tell myself a few times to just PUT down the broom!), but the end results were too precious.  I would brave the mess again for such cuteness.

Giant sunflowers=giant mess.

Although I love craft templates, sometimes you need to give kids some paper, scissors, and glue, and let them just create.  I LOVE how UNIQUE each flower is, and the kids were so proud that they made their special flower all by themselves!  

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