Kickin' it old school. Also, pugs and popsicles. And Cinderella.

1.  This: 

If you read my last post about my grassy-haired egg heads fail, well...this was just the cherry on top.  We had storms roll in yesterday, and I had my egg cartons sitting on our screened in porch at home--{you know, so that I would remember to water the crazy things?!}  And I know what you're didn't kick them over in a fit of fury!  ;)  A huge gust of wind blew the egg cartons over, and googly eyes and dirt were everywhere.  Those egg heads are now in the trash.  Ridiculous.  :)


2.  Fun with Cinderella "C" and Gentleman "G"--we learned all about soft c and soft g in phonics this week!  The picture below shows the cover of the mini reader my kids read during guided reading earlier in the week.  We also played word recognition games using clear pebbles--which one little friend cleverly named "magic reading ice".  Smarties.  We really had fun with this unit!

Click the cover page below to see more of the unit details:

3.  An Adventure in Space--kickin' it old school with Greg & Steve.

When I was in first grade, my music teacher used to get us doing movement activities by listening to Greg & Steve tapes.  My absolute FAVE was "An Adventure in Space! OH THE CHEESINESS!  But, it is just good fun and GREAT for the imagination!!! I downloaded it on iTunes for my kids to do today!  The kids flipped for this!  They act out taking off in a rocket, and then pretend to float around in space, dodging asteroids and such.  Super way to end our space unit!  {The song is only 99 cents--the album is called, "On the Move"}

4.  The Popsicle Store.  {I Heart Steel City Pops!}

Um, a little obsessed.  I won't tell you how many popsicles I've had lately.  This local store is GENIUS.    Maybe we're behind the times here, but I have never seen a popsicle store--and along with that, these aren't ordinary popsicles that are all fake and from a box.  These are homemade and made with fresh ingredients--with some flavors that are a little unusual, like "chocolate chili", "jalepeno pineapple", and "peanut butter".   I'll probably have one tomorrow.  Just sayin'.  They have no idea I am blogging about their yummy goodness, either.  I just love them so much, I had to tell you about them.

5.  My dog.  I love my sweet Teddy-kins.  Emma & I have been spending our sunny afternoons coloring with chalk.  Teddy rolls around in the chalk pictures until he is rainbow colored, then rubs his stinky face all over us while we are trying to color, and makes a laugh.

He also knocks the pillows off of my patio furniture to make room for him to sit like a person.  Look at his little legs!  HA!  He sits on his bottom in a chair!  He was enjoying listening to the rain--alone--no one was out there with him!  Silly pug.

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