Grassy-Haired Egg Heads...FAIL!

After having a blast with our ginormous collection of plastic eggs--I thought it might be fun to make the eggs into little faces and plant seeds to give them "hair"!  I didn't tell my students that I really can't take care of plants to save my life.  I also didn't tell them that I have killed literally every plant I have ever bought.  When I started this little project, I was thinking, "This time, it will be different.  These egg heads are going to have heads full of grassy hair and it will be GLORIOUS."'s been a week...and it's NOT working.  Most of the little heads are still full of soil.  I'm not surprised.  Plants hate me.  I mean,  I've only forgotten to water them a "few" times.  Also, the eggs have holes in the bottom, so when I do remember to water them-- all the water spills out all over the place.  FAIL.

Oh well.  They are still cute.  Just bald.  :)  

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