Cats, Cupcakes, and Story Retelling!

I just posted these little story retelling pieces to my TpT store if you are interested!  I hope you'll check it out!  I thought I'd see how these go before posting the ones I have made for the other books!   My kids really enjoyed these when we did our Laura Numeroff author study.  I printed my story pieces on cardstock, laminated them, then attached magnets to the back--and the kids used them to retell the story on my magnetic white board!  I also kept them in my "Story Retelling" station choice basket along with the book for the kids to do as a choice for buddy reading or independent reading!  

I am working really hard on my first author study/unit:  Pigeon Perfect...{Mo Willems!!!!}  It is looking super cute, but it is taking me *for-ev-er* to finish!  I don't know how some of my favorite teachers out there create these 80 page units--after working on this one, I now know just how much work goes into putting them together!!!  :)
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