Come into my Ginormous Closet. It's {finally} organized!

This was my major project before school let out for summer.  I am so proud of it.  It's truly glorious.  :)  Just kidding--I wouldn't say glorious, but I feel so much better when things are organized, and my massive closet of teaching essentials has been cleaned out, labeled, leveled, sorted, stacked, etc.  The picture above shows my two shelves of materials and leveled books that I use for guided reading groups!  Having these buckets organized like this is going to make finding my books and returning them each week SO much easier!

This is another huge shelf in my closet--this has math manipulatives, my science "stuff" box, station basket games, teacher's editions, extra supplies, and holiday unit boxes.  It has never looked this pretty.  I hope I can keep it this way!

Here is another huge set of shelves--this is what you see when you first walk into the closet.  I know it looks pretty full, but again, it has never looked this organized before!  {Woot!}  The tall white shelf on the left side is my paper organizer.  These shelves hold craft supplies, games, teacher books, my HUGE tub of Harcourt resource folders (I'll have to post all about that later!), and unit binders.  

I even use the walls in my closet for storage space!  I use this pocket chart to hold my "printable" math games and practice pages I use often in math tubs.  I make sure I have many extra copies on hand, in case a math tub runs out of a game, or for those times I need a quick (but educational) time filler! Right next door to this pocket chart, I have one more hanging--and it holds all of my copies for literacy stations!  I have loved having these.  I'm not a huge filing cabinet fan--so these charts have been perfect, and they are easy for me to see everything at a glance! 

Another thing I should mention about my "gi-normous" closet is that it is also the place where my students hang their backpacks and coats.  The picture below was obviously taken after school was out, because if there had been children there, you would see backpacks all over the floor! I usually trip over a backpack or coat or random toy a few times a week on my way to grab something from my shelves!  Good times.  

So, that's the end of my little tour of organization!  How do you keep your piles of teaching stuff organized?  
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