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Any of you that live in Britain, will know of the HORRID weather we are experiencing. I know us Brits love a good old moan about the weather but it's honestly awful. Anyway my point is i'm back to photographing in my room - I much prefer photographs on locations but the weather has drawn me back inside... This outfit is a simple one. I love the crop top and think it looks great with a waisted skirt or short, but haven't been brave enough to wear it until today. I wore it with my leather jacket. Leather and tights in June... Deary me. The last image is of some earrings I picked up from Topman for £4 BARGIN! They don't match which I personally love, but have had a few people comment 'You do know you're wearing odd earrings?' ... You can buy two of the same pair from Topman and be left with two pairs of earrings for £8, which is cheaper than a Topshop pair that go for about £10?? Plus if you purchase from Topman you know that your accessories won't be the same as every other girl. Win win!

More outfits coming soon!

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