Better late than never...{Classroom Tour}

I never posted pictures of my classroom this year!!!  Well, some things have already changed in the room, but here is what it looked like at the beginning--all shiny, clean, and ready for this year's group of Super Smarties...

Here is our classroom library, station baskets, and word wall! The colorful buckets on top of the shelves hold the library books, and the green baskets below them are filled with literacy station choices.      The kids just take the basket full of choices to their station area.  

Kind of hard to tell from the picture, but the library bin labels are chalkboard-themed!  I wanted to tie in chalkboards as much as I could, along with a "shabby chic" look.  I wanted my classroom to be a cozy, cheery place!  

Hey, Junie B.!  She hangs out near our little couch and chairs that my sweet mom bought me my very first year teaching!  I love that furniture, and my green umbrella.  It makes reading feel like a day at the beach!

Here is our Daily Five station board.   

One Pinterest project this summer was creating this string of lights for the back wall!  All I did was tie strips of cloth to it!  {Don't pay any attention to those cords!  They go to the SmartBoard.}  

There's Richard in his little bird nest!  He sits with a new friend in our class every other week! 

The Math Investigators station board!  

"Chalkboard" color word wall.

Super Smarties work display in the hall.


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